Create More Landing Pages to Boost Your List Building Efforts

Everybody knows that a good landing page is designed to get people to interact with a brand or product and ultimately follow through on the call to action. In a perfect world, that is precisely what is supposed to happen. However, the grey area between all the hype and landing new subscribers is all about getting your landing pages to optimize your list building and email marketing efforts.

Based on your company or brand’s size, you’ll want to make sure that you have a variety of different landing pages. If you fall somewhere between 5 to 10 landing pages, we’re going to ask you to try and bump that number upwards towards fifteen landing pages. Why? Because that is the golden number that generates about a 50% increase in leads. 

You don’t want to limit yourself or your brand to a small audience with all the same interests; in fact, you’re going to want to expand your horizons and start brand awareness through a much larger demographic. You want each visitor’s experience to be different, more personalized, and focused on specific needs from your targeted audience. 

Benefits of Multiple Landing Pages

When you have multiple landing pages, you are able to expand your reach and get more subscribers. When you limit your landing pages and only target a small percentage of people, your list will, in turn, remain just as small as your audience. This is not the goal; the primary purpose of building a list is to use email marketing effectively.

Think about the specialty shops out there, like ones that only sell one specific product or category. They are limiting themselves to just the people who are interested in that particular item. However, the store that offers multiple items and all kinds of options has a much better chance of attracting a wider audience because they appeal to more people based on the variety they offer.

This works the same way with landing pages; the more you have, the more likely you will be able to build a great email list. 

What to Do With All Those Landing Pages?

Now that you have multiple landing pages, you’re probably wondering what the point is. The primary purpose of any landing page is to get people to engage with your content and have a desire to get more content or info from your brand. This is where that strategically placed ‘ call to action’ takes center stage.

You want content that screams ‘sign up immediately’ without actually saying those words. Your content needs to be compelling and created specifically for your target audience. There is no point in driving new traffic to your landing pages or blog posts if your content is mediocre and people are hesitating as to whether or not they want to sign up for your email list.

You’ll need to nix that from happening straight out the gate. As they say, once the ball is in play, you better have a strategic plan for winning. Maybe that isn’t exactly the metaphor we were looking for, but we think you got the point. Just think of it like this, every time a new visitor ends up on your landing page or blog, it’s a brand new opportunity to snag another subscriber.

Build List with Call To Actions

In fact, you should even have a snazzy CTA on your ‘About Us’ page. If you’re wondering why this would be a good idea, then consider why you visit any of these types of pages when you are checking out a new brand or company. The answer is simple; people who visit your ‘About Us’ page are intrigued by your brand and want to get to know you better.    

When people start to wonder about your brand or your products, it’s the same concept as an opportunity is knocking on your door. However, don’t get crazy and try to push any products or services here. Simply focus on getting them to sign up for your newsletter. Building your email list through organic traffic is the number one way of keeping potential customers interested in your brand. 

Once you’ve built all your landing pages, be sure to add pop-up boxes or slide-ins for each one of your pages that grab the visitor’s attention when they are about to exit your page. This is your last chance to save that potential subscriber, so ensure that the content is top-notch. You don’t want to lose any future business due to the lack of creative content.