How To Grow Your Small Business With List Building

Friday, March 03, 2023

In today’s competitive market, the only way to survive is through growth. Every business owner out there knows how imperative building a list is to their online presence and their bottom line. You can make giant leaps with email marketing strategies, but in the end, you’ll want to see the rewards from all your efforts in the numbers of your lead conversions.

Historically, one of the most successful methods that have been proven to stimulate growth for small businesses is email list building. You might be scratching your head wondering how you overlooked one of the basic bulletproof methods for growing your business, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of small businesses don’t put enough emphasis on list building.

How To Grow Your Small Business With List Building

Having a quality email list has plenty of benefits, such as giving you direct access to all the people who are interested in your niche and want to hear from you. However, there is an abundance of other pluses when you focus on building your email list.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Keeps your targeted audience informed
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Converts potential customers
  • Allows you to deliver any updates or changes
  • Opportunity to conduct surveys
  • Helps drive revenues

In fact, email list building is an effective strategy that can assist with growing your small business, and it’s relatively inexpensive and gets the job done exceedingly well. Below are a few tips that can be used to help build and grow your email list.

Tip #1 - Up Your Content Copy Game

This is serious business; you have to create some compelling copy to get folks interested in what you’re doing or trying to sell. People get bombarded daily with emails, and now more than ever, people are more cautious about who they are willing to give their contact details to.

They only want to give their email addresses for a purpose, meaning they want to know that whatever your brand or company is sending them will add some kind of value to their lives. So the best way to achieve this is to make sure that your content is delivering something that resonates with them on a personal level.

Think about it; people subscribe to Forbes when they want to receive updates about the current market or ways to build their professional financial portfolio. The value Forbes brings to its millions of subscribers is the exact content they want to see. People who would rather be gardening are not subscribing to Forbes’s email list, plain and simple.

People sign up for email subscriptions because they value the news or content that a company or individual provides. It’s their way of staying informed about the things that matter most in their lives. If you want to succeed with building your email list, you’re going to have to provide some compelling copy that people are interested in.

Tip #2 - Know Your Targeted Audience

When you have all the details about your targeted audience’s demographics, you can plan your list building strategy more effectively. Having a clear picture of what people are interested in allows you to create buyer personas based on the typical person who fits your target customer’s credentials.

Once you have that ‘prospect’ in mind, you should be able to create excellent content that relates directly to your audience’s lives. This includes interests and any issues or problems that your targeted clients might be enduring. Providing content that offers solutions or benefits is the number one way to get people engaged with your brand.

This is how you can get a basic funnel rolling; once your visitors read your compelling content and relate to how it works in their favor, they are most likely going to follow your funnel’s journey, which increases the chances for more people subscribing to your email list. This is why writing copy that wakes folks up and draws their attention in on your words is critical for list building.  

Tip #3 - Take it to Social Media

Once you’ve mastered writing compelling copy, you need to take your efforts and put them to good use. One of the fasted ways to grow an email list is through social media; these outlets can provide you access to thousands of new potential customers. All you have to do is get people’s attention and start bringing awareness to your brand.

You can post some contests and include tagging or sharing as an incentive to win, or you can start sharing competitor’s posts and engaging with their audience to build more awareness around your brand. The possibilities are limitless on social media; just find your niche and start posting.