Using Facebook Ads To Build Your Email List

Thursday, March 02, 2023

If you want to reach new audiences and build your email list quickly, then you’ll want to start creating marketing campaigns using Facebook Ads. It’s the fastest way to find new potential clients with interests similar to your brand or company. But more importantly, Facebook ads can actually find you new customers that mimic your existing clients.

That’s pretty remarkable when you think about it; being able to target people based on just their interests is certainly rewarding, but being able to target people based on your existing customer’s interests and habits is comparable to hitting the marketing jackpot. This can help improve your ROI exponentially and help you build your list with organic subscribers.

Using Facebook Ads To Build Your Email List

There is a huge misconception out there that Facebook ads are mainly used for selling stuff, like products or services. And while that is true, they are also super useful for generating leads by collecting details such as email addresses through ads linked to all your landing pages with opt-in forms.

The primary purpose is to create an awesome ad that drives organic traffic to your landing pages, blog posts, or website where people can easily opt-in and sign up for your email list. Below we have created a list of simple steps to help you create a Facebook ad that works well regardless of your niche.

Tips to Create an Effective Facebook Ad:

  • Go for the people who have similar interests, use the data you’ve collected from your existing customers, and allow it to work for you in generating new leads. You can have Facebook analyze the contacts’ profiles on your current subscribers’ list if you use an email service that offers that incentive. It will merely create a lookalike audience that is based on shared demographics, behaviors, and interests.
  • Design your ad with the appropriate image and your website URL. When choosing the perfect image to use, you’ll want to consider something that not only looks good but will also lead to more conversions. This is something a social media marketer can help you with if you don’t have any experience in this area.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to set a budget that represents the maximum amount of money that your company wants to pay out for running a Facebook ad. Keep in mind that you’ll only be charged based on the number of clicks, so even if you only spend $20 - you will be able to see how your ad is measuring up and if it is successful.

The great thing about Facebook ads is if you find that one ad is hugely successful, you have the opportunity to run it again as often as you like. Furthermore, you only pay for the clicks from people interested in seeing more details about your ad. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.

Once you’ve run through the cycle of publishing your pop-up form and running your Facebook ad, you’ll want to monitor all your reports to see where the progress is being made. Tracking your efforts is critical to measuring your success. This is also the best way to know precisely how many new subscribers you received from running this Facebook ad.

Review Your Facebook Ad Results

If you’re not satisfied with the results, don’t give up. Every great Facebook ad has been tweaked until it runs effectively. So consider changing some things up and seeing how it performs under different scenarios. You can consider adjusting the timing of your ad or even the messaging to improve your user experience.

Once you’ve made some adjustments and allowed ample time for the Facebook ad to run its course, you’ll want to monitor its success and see how your conversion rate was affected. If your performance is still mediocre, consider looking at the content and figuring out where you are lacking that is causing people to ignore your ads.

Nobody wants to admit it, but content that is just average is bound to be ignored. The competition out there is fierce, and your content is going to be competing with some of the best content marketers in the world.

We don’t want to scare you; what we actually want to do is inspire you to take risks with your content, shock people - do whatever it takes to get the attention your brand or company deserves. There are billions of people using social media, and you have just as good of a chance at landing some of those subscribers as the big brands do.