What Thoughts Are Blocking Your Financial Freedom?

These thoughts could be holding you back from financial freedom

Financially, you are not where your goals are at this point in your life. You hoped to have your own house by now. Perhaps you thought you would have a stock portfolio, or be able afford a fancy vacation. It seems like everything is going well, but you aren't.

What Thoughts Are Blocking Your Financial Freedom?

What if your thoughts are the only thing preventing you from living a debt-free life?

It can be quite powerful to tell yourself things that are positive. Your self-talk can make all the difference between a good and bad day. Your thoughts have a lot more power. They can hinder you and prevent you from reaching your goals.’'

What thoughts then, are you preventing financial freedom from becoming a reality?

"People with money are lucky."

Accepting the notion that those who make it big are doing so because they have all the resources (education, connections, luck), you will convince yourself that you can't do the same. You can't have the same opportunities if you don’t have them. Accept that money doesn't have to be complicated. You can do it just as well, if not better than others. You will then be able to succeed.

"Money is earned by working harder than everyone else."

This would mean that there would be less people struggling to make ends meets if it were true. People who think beyond their surroundings and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way are the ones who make money.

"You must spend money to make it."

This is a common belief that people accept so often that they spend a lot of money advertising their home-based businesses, but don't understand why it doesn't work. Money isn't a problem if an idea solves a problem. Investors are always on the lookout for new opportunities. It is your responsibility to find them. Money follows naturally.

"There is no money left for."

This is because money is finite. Instead of thinking about money as something that is always in motion, think of it as something that is constantly changing. People who have it spend it. Your job is to control the flow.

"You don't get everything."

Why not? You can find someone who has had both a successful career and a happy family life for every person who believes they can do either. It is time to let go of the "either/or” mentality and embrace the "and".

Financial freedom begins right where you least expect it: in the things that you tell yourself. Your success will be a matter of time if you change your negative self-talk.

Napoleon Hill was right when he said that you can think and grow rich.